Arthritis Self-Management Program (ASMP)

We’re Inviting You To a 4-week course that offers interactive workshops for Rheumatoid Arthritis participants to learn and practice techniques for building an arthritis self-management program tailored to their needs. Workshops include educational sessions, group discussions, and individual practice..

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We founded MEAF 14 years ago, and through countless events it has improved awareness of arthritis, decreased delay to diagnosis, facilitated research, and improved quality of life.

MEAF – Middle East Arthritis Self-Management Program

Self-management workshops represent a promising strategy for treating chronic conditions-moving beyond education to teaching individuals to actively identify challenges and solve problems associated with their illness. Self-management also shows potential as an effective paradigm across the prevention spectrum
It incorporates the psychological and social management of living with a chronic illness.

The patient must acquire knowledge about their disease, modify behavior, and use strategies proactively to reduce discomfort; Self-management sessions can help patients develop the confidence to deal with disease-related problems and maintain behavioral changes to maximize well-being.

Why Self-Management for
Rheumatoid Arthritis Warriors

Self-management has been defined by Barlow and colleagues (2002, p.178) as “the individual’s ability to manage the symptoms, treatment, physical and psychosocial consequences, and Lifestyle changes inherent in living with a chronic condition”.

Thus, self-management is more than simply adhering to treatment guidelines.

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The Middle East Arthritis Foundation (formerly Emirates Arthritis Foundation) was launched in April 2006. The mandate of the Middle East Arthritis Foundation is to increase awareness and education about arthritis in the region. Its goal is to improve the quality of life for people with arthritis through leadership training, and in the prevention, control and cure of the disease.

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